Washing your car at Clean Machine is more than about making it look clean. It’s also about keeping all the contaminants like dust, pollen, tree sap, bugs, salt, and other airborne pollutants from damaging your cars finish, which can drive down its resale value. Like some people, you might think washing your car is an occasional luxury, but the cost is actually low when compared to the potential damage a vehicle incurs when left dirty. So, how do you know when enough is enough? The answer is different for every car, but there are generally four things you need to consider.

1. How Long is Your Commute?
A person who drives five minutes to work accumulates a lot less debris than someone who commutes an hour or battles rush hour traffic every day. Not only do you have the exposure to the elements, but you also have smoke and exhaust that can corrode your car’s paint over time. Choosing a wash package with wax can help protect against this.

While you may be able to scrape the occasional stain off your car from time to time, you run the risk of chipping the paint off as well, and any bird poop or bug corpses left too long will “become one” with your exterior, so take some time each week and stop by Clean Machine to get it washed. At the very least 2-3 times per month. This is where our Unlimited Wash Plans come in handy! You can wash as often as once a day for one low monthly price.

2. How Do You Store Your Car?
Ask yourself, “Where do I park my car?” In most households, one partner’s car stays in the driveway while the others car sleeps comfortably in the garage. If yours is the one left outside, you should think of it in the same terms that you would with your commute: is it left near a tree where birds can use it for target practice? How much has it rained this week? Is there a lot of dust or dirt that blows regularly through your neighborhood? What about pine sap? If so, consider taking your car to Clean Machine more often for regular upkeep.

3. How’s the Weather?
Here in Florida, we all know it rains a lot, especially in the summer. Contrary to widespread belief, you really should wash your ride after it rains. Even after a short rainfall, rainwater and pollutants collect on your vehicle. When the moisture evaporates, a thin layer of pollutants is left behind that can damage your car’s finish over time if left unwashed.

Furthermore, the sun can be your car’s worst enemy. The UV rays that beat down on it can fade the paint, and the sun’s heat can “cook” bird droppings and other contaminants into the exterior like an oven! (Eww.)
Especially during our rainiest, most heat-intensive season, you might want to spring for a weekly wash.

4. Where Does Your Car Spend Most of Its Time?
Whether on the road or parked for the night, there are contaminants lurking everywhere that can destroy your car’s shine. If your car spends most of its time in a wooded area, you should remain aware of bird droppings and pine sap.

No matter where you spend your time in Florida, your car is almost always exposed to the damaging combination of sun. And, because we live in a nearly perpetual summer environment, there’s almost always some sort of pollen to contend with. Bottom line? No matter where you drive it or store it, your car is exposed to varying levels of pollutants on a regular basis.

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